Fall Fashion: Hygge



As we head into fall and the temps turn colder, it’s time to cozy up to a good book with a cup of tea in a favorite sweater. Hygge is all about embracing comforting acts of self-care and expressing yourself. Fall in love with these comfy clothes to stay home in style.


Missguided Pink Satin Contrast Piping Pyjama Shorts



UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Motlee Slippers



Lovers + Friends Charlie Jogger Pant



Spiritual Gangster Good People Stella Rocker Tie Dye Cropped Pullover Hoodie


Get Ready for GAMEDAY With Flying Colors Apparel


Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Sidelines in Flying Colors Apparel

Flying Colors Apparel brings it on gameday. When it comes to finding the perfect fit for Saturday to support your team, you will be winning in Flying Colors. They don’t just have amazing styles but they’re apparel is high-quality and fits awesome. 👏

Flying Colors Apparel’s Marketing Manager Jordan Gibbs gave us the scoop on what’s in style this season in gameday fashion. She said, “We’re so excited for football season and all the new styles we have to offer. Our hot items are definitely cropped sweatshirts and our new rib knit collection. Our unique fabrics really make our items stand out.” She goes on to say that they’re aware not everyone wants to wear a logo at game so they offer striking styles in team colors through the boutique line!

Her advice for your gameday look this Saturday? “Pair your tank with fun accessories like a necklace or baseball cap for a casual gameday look or dress it up with booties and earrings for a night out.”

You’ll love their boutique line, but first… football.

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Stylish Boutique Line

Flying Colors Apparel isn’t just gameday apparel, they offer everyday fashion-forward looks through their boutique line. Whether it’s unique dress designs, classy tops or super fun graphic tees, Flying Colors Apparel has your next #ootd. Here is one of my favorite dresses from their boutique line!

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Flying Colors Apparel Dress

Casual Looks

Don’t feel like getting glammed up or sweating your make-up off five times during a football gameday? Flying Colors has that casual look for you too.

Flying Colors Apparel Tunic

Flying Colors Apparel Tunic

Flying Colors Apparel Sweater

Flying Colors Apparel Sweater

Last, But Definitely Not Least, Graphic Tees

Be sure to check Flying Colors Apparel all season long because they update their collection with some amazing graphic tees. You’ll love their St. Patrick’s Day line so go ahead and pencil that one in.

Flying Colors Apparel 4th of July Graphic Tee

Flying Colors Apparel 4th of July Graphic Tee

Flying Colors Apparel Small Town USA Graphic Tee

Flying Colors Apparel Small Town USA Graphic Tee

Flying Colors Apparel’s Jordan Gibbs said, “Keep an eye out for new arrivals coming week by week over the next couple of months!” I love how often they update their website with fresh styles, so really, check them out!

To shop gameday apparel, boutique fashion, graphic tees and more, go to www.flyingcolorsapparel.com. And give them a follow for gameday trends and fashionable instagram looks all season long @FlyingColorsApparel!

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Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2019


Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Experience Perfection

The benefits of music are endless and the background beat of your life, whether you’re working out, at home relaxing or out for the night with friends, add to the quality of the experience. So when it comes to picking out the perfect pair of true wireless earbuds that don’t wreck your bank account, it’s no low volume task. In fact, it’s time to turn up the sound and listen up. Here are the top two true wireless earbuds in 2019. #pop


Luxury Design

Meet Edifier. Luxury design, super affordable and epic sound quality. The Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are truly a new generation of audio and one of the best wireless earbuds in 2019. With up to 32 hours of battery, 8 hours of playback on a single charge and another 24 hours from the sleek charging case, you’re sure to have your favorite song pumping through you as you head up to that job interview.

Maybe you don’t need a job interview pump up song, but want to add an extra mile on the treadmill or even in the pool. They’re splash proof and sweat proof making them perfect to get your train on. #GetItIn

You can take that call when you’re in the middle of the grocery store because the Edifier TWS1’s highly-engineered noise reduction makes for crystal clear calling. With a chic charging case, these bad boys come in at right under $50. Ready to meet big bro?

Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Most Affordable High-Quality Sound

Edifier’s TWS5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds premium sound quality will not disappoint on that epic moment when the beat drops on your favorite new song you have on repeat. And you won’t find a cheaper pair of earbuds with the same high-quality sound and multiple cool features on the market. The on-ear touch control is multi-functional letting you change songs, pause playback, answer calls and more all while you’re on-the-go. And don’t worry about getting too far from your phone because these offer 30 feet connection distance so your music keeps streaming without a hitch.
At just $79.99, here are some more awesome features of the TWS5:

  • TrueWireless Stereo Plus with Bluetooth 5.0 aptX for better connectivity and easy pairing

  • Up to 32 hours of battery life with magnetic charging case.

  • Up to 10m (30ft) connection distance (with walls)

  • cVc noise reduction for better mic quality

  • Listen with one or both earbuds without losing sound channels

  • Ergonomic and splash proof with touch controls

  • Improved wireless signal distance

  • Automatic connect and shutdown features

Comfortable and Cool

Edifier’s TWS1 and TWS5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds both fit snug and comfortably with an effortless and luxe look. It comes with a magnetic charging case that you can keep at home on your dresser or throw in your purse, gym bag or pocket if you’re on-the-go. But with the amazing battery life, you’re good to go as long as you charge up the night before with the rest of your devices. The LEDs on the outside of your case will tell you when they’re charing, low on battery or paired.

Take your pick between Edifier’s TWS1 and TWS5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for your best possible soundstage. Your newest rockin’ playlist deserves it.

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Fall Trend: Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brands




Vegan fashion including cruelty-free beauty and cosmetic brands have hit the mainstream. This fall will be a hot time for brands that are looking out for sweet animals. The first-ever Vegan Fashion Week was in Downtown Los Angeles this year and San Francisco and Los Angeles have banned fur with New York proposing legislation to ban fur sales. #MAJORMOVES

Fave4 Is My Fave1

Fave4 is the haircare brand that simplifies your styling routine with products that are made with clean ingredients and a whole lot of fun! They believe hair products should be friendly, not just to us but to the environment which is why their brand is cruelty-free and never tested on animals! All of their products are cruelty-free, free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, MEA & DEA, and mineral oil and the list goes on.

Find your favorite fall hair trend and use fave4’s easy-to-use products for a sleek style in no time at all. There are so many fun fall hair trends to try this year hat whether you’re doing a deep side part, statement braids or soft waves, you can get to know your faves at fave4 to accomplish the look. Check out all of their amazing five-star review products here for an extra sweet discount!


Axiology Vegan Lipstick

Check out this gorgeous shade for fall! Axiology’s Infinite Mulberry Stain is 100% vegan and 100% on-trend.

Buy this beaut on Amazon here.

Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Tote Bag

Every piece from Stella’s Collection is environmentally conscious. Expertly crafted from vegan leather in black, this surprisingly spacious Falabella mini tote bag will keep your essentials -and the Environment- secure this season. Featuring a top handle, a detachable shoulder strap, a top magnetic closure, a main internal compartment, an internal slip pocket and a gunmetal-toned chain trimming.

You can purchase this vegan Stella McCartney bag here.

Nanushka Quilted Vegan Leather Jacket

This jacket is a show-stopper. From the look to the style to the cut to the color, you can’t go wrong with this vegan fall must-have.

You can pick one up here.

Shop Vegan Fashion For This Fall

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Level Up With Hawthorne




Upgrade Your Game

If you haven’t heard of Hawthorne, let me introduce you. It’s a men’s tailored personal care brand with high-quality products, amazing one-of-a-kind scents and picked just for you!

The entire experience includes shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, bar soap and cologne. This hot brand is a major upgrade for your guy’s bathroom.



Fragrance is an expression of self and should not be suffocated by genderization.
— Brian Jeong and Phil Won, Founders of Hawthrone

How Hawthorne Works

Hawthorne is the modern brand for your bathroom to tackle everyday as your best self. It works well because it’s tailored specifically to your unique body chemistry and lifestyle. The crazy thing is that this short quiz to tailor your products is 95% accurate. All made in the USA, baby. Here’s how it works.

  1. Take a short quiz all about you or your guy. (BF, Bro, Dad, BFF, Roommate, the list goes on!)

  2. Take a look at your amazing ingredients in your products and choose a risk-free subscription with free shipping or one-time delivery.

  3. Your sleek products arrive in clutch packaging and your expectations are most likely exceeded. If you have a subscription, Hawthorne sends refills before you run out based on the info they gathered in your quiz so you’ll stay fresh.



The MVP Collection

Get ready for a luxurious experience. According to Hawthorne, they invest three to ten times more in raw ingredients versus other brands. This is winning the MVP personal care product line in a couple different categories. You’ll feel better because it’s free from sulfates, aluminum, silicones, other stuff that isn’t good for you and it’s cruelty-free! #MVP

It absolutely feels, looks and smells like the ultimate luxury brand but Hawthorne is half the price of comparable personal care brands. You or your guy also have the option to go all natural on their products.



Go For The Win With Hawthorne

If you aren’t up for spending hours in the mall trying out cologne you aren’t even sure you like at this point because you’ve smelled so many, go with Hawthorne. If you need the ultimate gift or happen to be the best GF, get your guy Hawthorne. If you’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner since, well, you can’t remember when, get Hawthorne. It’s time to take care of yourself and win your personal care brand game with Hawthorne. #LevelUp

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7 Eco-Innovations for a Sustainable Fashion Industry


By: Mandy Law

Did you know that textile is one of the most polluting industries in the world? It may be difficult to understand why, when that outfit you recently bought was simply nice. As with many industries today, environmental sustainability has become a big priority which has led to new innovations – more eco-friendly innovations. With resource-intensive fibers like cotton and the oil-intensive ones such as polyester, acrylic and nylon; entrepreneurs, designers and businesses have started looking for more sustainable alternatives. And so have consumers.

Here we have collected some out-of-the-box innovations in materials that can hopefully change and revolutionize – or at least improve – the fashion industry. These fibers and materials are overall more sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible alternatives to the ones we most commonly see today.

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If you thought that you couldn’t love coffee more, you were wrong! After you’ve ground and drunk your coffee, you can actually utilize the leftover coffee grounds; which is exactly what a particular Taiwanese company has done. The usually thrown out coffee ground can serve as a raw material for coffee ground fibre, which when processed with polymer, can be spun into yarn! This fibre-making process requires less energy, thus making it more earth-friendly when compared to traditional, conventional fabrics. The resulting yarn is multi-functional and can be used for sports and outdoor wear which is not surprising since big names such as Puma, North Face and Timberland are already using.

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Lotus fibers have been used for centuries in countries like Thailand and Myanmar. Due to its luxurious feel of silk and raw linen and the time it takes to hand spin and weave, it is used only to make special garments. The manufacturing process is lengthy and complicated (and most likely pricey), which is probably why those in the Western world haven’t jumped on this material; with its lightweight, soft, silky and breathable qualities.

Pineapple Leaves

Who would have thought you could make vegan leather! Piñatex is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty-free material. From the leftover leaves from pineapple trees, you can make a bio-degradable, fossil fuel free leather alternative. It is also strong, lightweight and easy to print and stitch. Fibers are extracted from the leaves and then turned into textile. The fibers then go through an industrial process to become a non-woven textile, which is the base of Piñatex. Another amazing aspect about this innovative material is that it has a closed loop production. Apparently, the biomass created during the process can be converted into organic fertilizer! Meaning that it goes back into the ground, thereby closing the loop.

Eucalyptus Trees

A yarn made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees has been launched by a knitting company called Wool & the Gang. This yarn is 100% vegan, made from renewable energy and free from harmful chemicals. This is a form lyocell which means the fibre is manufactured from wood pulp and the processes are closed loop. After the fibers are harvested, they’re pulped and turned into yarn.

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Banana Stems

Another tropical fruit that has multiple purposes is the banana, or more specifically the stems of the banana tree. Banana fibre is said to be one of the world’s strongest natural fibers and is durable and biodegradable. The fabric is soft and supple and tend to have shine to them, which has been compared to silk. Thus, making banana fibre a good sustainable alternative. It can also be used to make different textiles of different weight and thicknesses, making it a very versatile, product.

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Cork Leather

Unlike other leather alternatives that are usually made from plastics, cork leather does not need hundreds of years to degrade. As a matter of fact, cork has many amazing features. This material is derived from the cork oak tree bark; making it 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, natural and not to mention, fashionable. Cork is a good sustainable alternative in bags, accessories and footwear. Cork leather is also waterproof, light-weight, tear resistant and comes in different colors and patterns. It also feels amazing!

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Bamboo is a very sustainable crop which also grows really fast, making bamboo lyocell a good sustainable option. But note the asterisk; since the most common bamboo fabric available at the moment is bamboo viscose, it is best to avoid it. This is because making viscose still uses harmful solvents and chemicals. That being said, there is definitely a lot of potential in bamboo material innovation in the future, as it is a great renewable resource for making textiles.

So there you have it! Some eco-friendly alternatives that can change and revolutionize the fashion industry and your wardrobe, in which high-quality products meet sustainability. 

Have you discovered another material worth mentioning? Please comment below!

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The Haircare Collection That'll Have You #SummerDreaming



Get Your Keratin Treatment On

Summer is a great time to hit the reset button and revive those locks. Depending on if you’re  dealing with super humidity or extra dry climate, the summer can take a toll on your hair. A glamorous trend for getting a smooth, straight shine that lasts is a Keratin Treatment. It’ll cost you $300 at least. But there’s another way to get the keratin treatment look without a trip to the salon.


Keratin Treatment At Home

Keratherapy’s Home Care Products all have a KERABOND technology which means their products include the ingredient keratin that bonds with other super healthy product-specific botanical ingredients for the ultimate conditioning experience. 

Why is this so important? Well, your hair is made up of approximately 80% keratin. Keeping that keratin healthy is essential for a healthy shine you’re looking to achieve and you can get there with these products.


Keratherapy Moisture Collection

While I’m sure all of Keratherapy’s collections are amazing, my hair specifically needed a tall drink of water so I tried the Moisture Collection.

Packaged in this beautiful sea blue that reminds you of Miami, (that’s where Keratherapy is based) these products pack a hydrating punch. Let’s take a look.

1. The Keratin Infused Moisture Shampoo

This shampoo is amazing if you are dealing with breakage and split ends. It’s formulated with incredible ingredients such as Keratin, which reduces breakage, aloe vera, willow bark extract and witch hazel extract. Say hello to healthy hair.

2. The Keratin Infused Moisture Conditioner

If the heat is getting to your hair this summer, this conditioner will work wonders. It repairs and strengthens your hair while sealing in the moisture which will leave you with soft, beautiful hair ready to take on any summer activity.

Like the shampoo, it’s made with some amazing ingredients including keratin, collagen, jojoba oil, which helps seal split ends and wheat germ oil, which is rich in vitamins to moisturize your hair.

3. Award-Winning Keratin Infused Deep Conditioning Masque

This deep conditioning masque is an award winning masque for a reason! It’s by far my favorite hair masque I’ve ever used. And baby girl has been in this game for a while. It’s a lightweight formula that’s still super hydrating to improve your hair’s texture.

You use it one to two times per week for a silky, super shine that’s so soft. After using the Keratin Infused Moisture Shampoo, apply the masque from roots to ends, comb through and leave in for at least three to five minutes, then rinse well. For uber intense results, cover with a plastic cap and process with medium heat dryer for up to 30 minutes. Shine, baby, shine!

What’s this award winning conditioning masque made of? Keratin, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, nettle root extract, which soothes and nourishes your scalp and persian walnut, which is extremely rich in vitamins and moisturizers.

Keratherapy’s Dreamy Products 

Whether you’re wanting to grow your hair out or you’re trying to keep your hair healthy in hot, hot temps, Keratherapy’s collections is coming to your hair’s rescue. If you want to try Keratherapy’s Moisture Collection or one of their other dreamy products, go to www.keratherapy.com. Follow their Miami Vibes feed on IG @keratherapy. I’m ready for a trip to Miami and thanks to Keratherapy, my hair is totally ready for that humidity. #SummerDreaming

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Fashion Trends Dominating Right Now


I’m here for every single ‘70s style that is taking over. The denim inspiration from the ‘70s is every bit as gorgeous as it is artistic. If you don’t own a pair of bell bottoms, get groovin’ with white high-rise flare jeans. You’ll love the flattering high-waisted and vintage-inspired look that will rock any occasion. Honestly, that’s what makes it modern right now is the high-waisted style paired with the perfect high heel. I’m wearing a pair from Coach I wear all the time!


Floral rompers are hot for summer because you can dress them up for a night out or special occasion or keep it casual for brunch or a day date. I’m wearing the Floral Print Self Tie Neck Cami Romper from Taevee Fashion!

SHEIN has some cute floral romps at a good price like this one. You can’t really have too many rompers because you’ll always find them as a great go-to when you’re thinking you literally have nothing to wear.

Spice things up for a night look or vaca wear with this black and red stunner from AMI Clubwear.


Boho Dress Set

Is Boho really ever not in style though? My free spirit always comes out one way or another in fashion so when this hippie chica gets to dress like she’s going to Woodstock, I’m a happy girl.

Get a similar set to the one I’m wearing with this Amazon steal.

If you want to check out what sunglasses are hot rn, check out these bad boys on AOK Social’s last post 4 On-Trend Summer Sunnies.

as always…