Walking is So the New Running

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Wanna go for a walk?

If you haven’t exercised in a while (me) or super stressed out, go for walk. It’s a low impact exercise you can do everyday. It’s a great way to start moving again.

Grab your favorite tennis shoes, slide them on and go for a walk through your neighborhood. I love walking by water whether it’s a local lake or pond or on the beach. If it’s pouring down rain, what about doing crunches during commercial breaks while watching your fave TV show? Simple movements make the biggest difference! (Yes, take the stairs.)

I’m obsessed with my Apple Watch. It’s one of those things you never knew you needed and now you can’t live without! Mix up your routine with the new Apple Watch that will probably make you want to walk because it’s that cool. You can track your steps, listen to music, or call a friend! Yep, all on your walk on your Apple Watch.

But sometimes, you don’t want the noise. The great thing about walking is that it’s relaxing not only because it releases endorphins but because you get to connect with nature. There’s something peaceful about being outside, walking and breathing in fresh air. Take walks to enjoy nature and the benefits are endless.

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The Different Benefits of Walking 

If you aren’t reading a magazine walking on an inclined treadmill, you’re most likely walking outside in the sunshine. That alone will boost your mood and spirit as you release feel good endorphins and soak up some Vitamin D.

If you live in a big city or the pollution is a concern in your area, head to the beach or a park to find better air quality. Anywhere with trees and plants galore!

Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight as well. Consistency is key, but consistency is also key in maintaining a healthy diet. I get that life gets in the way and that it’s by no means easy. I think that’s why walking is the new running. From your weight, strength, heart, mind and mood, walking starts helping you the very first step with lower impact on your joints and no stress of intense running.

Sometimes when I’m walking I’ll swing my arms in loops or flex my abs or raise my calves a little higher for a little extra exercise and movement. It’s all in the details! Walking strengthens and tones your body either way, and as you get more fit, you could have more energy. Hey, you might even get to the point where you want to add in weight lifting or boxing or yoga or rock climbing or swimming. The key is finding an exercise you enjoy and is fun for you!

happy walk

If you can only walk to your mailbox and back on your first walk, I’m so freaking proud of you and you should be too for starting walking. Know that every time you walk, your heart is getting stronger, better at pumping blood through your body, strengthening your leg muscles and body overall. Staying consistent is key.

As your body gets healthier and stronger, you’ll possibly make it past the mailbox and down the neighborhood street and then possibly around the neighborhood! Celebrate each step and where your walk takes you. And, always - remember to stop and smell the roses.

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