Improve Your Life With This 2020 Interior Design Trend


biophilic design

Biophilic Design

In 2019, we saw indoor plants, succulents and hanging greenery take center stage. There is no question that plants improve the quality of health in so many different ways but Biophilic Design is much more than a couple cute cacti sitting by your windows. Get ready to go green, really, really, green.

So what is Biophilic Design? It’s bringing the outdoor benefits of nature indoors whether it’s your home, office or child’s school. It’s boasted health, environmental and economic benefits. While Biophilic Design will grow like crazy in 2020, it’s not a new concept.

The term biophilia was first used in 1973 by Erich Fromm and he described it as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” Edward O. Wilson wrote a book in 1984 (ironic, I know) titled Biophilia proposing that humans have an innate, biological affinity for the natural world. Fast forward to modern day when humans are spending 90% of their time, their lives indoors and Biophilic Design is naturally, not subtly, bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Research On Research

From physical health, to mental health, to spiritual health, nature is continuing to pack on loads of scientific research of the endless benefits. Reduced stress, improved focus, increased immunity, doubled productivity and fewer mental health problems are just some of those benefits. Companies claim their employees are happier and more creative with Biophilic Design in their offices. If hospitals don’t offer a view a nature, they should, or at least are continuing to implement, plants in patients rooms. Why? Because studies have shown that having access to nature can help patients heal faster. Ready to reap the benefits and get Biophilic Designing?

Bringing Biophilic Design To Your Space

Instead of those beautiful hanging succulents, upgrade to a hanging, vertical interior garden. It will be a stunning design that offers tranquility. Use natural, organic materials, filter in as much sunlight as possible and consider adding a water feature. Put at least one plant in every room of your house or office. Decorate with green, earthy tones and no need to worry if those colors will go out of style because Biophilic Design is the breath of fresh air that’s here to stay.

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