Luxury Home Decor For You and Your Fur Babies

Guest Post By: Jenny Caulk


Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved beautiful spaces. There is nothing like walking into a room that has impeccable style. A luxurious home where the interior design is so well done that you know the place has had every piece perfectly appointed for a glamorous living.

In 2015, I fell in love with a sweet little puppy named Cooper. As most of you know, having a pet in the home changes, well, everything. So how do you keep the Instagram picture-perfect rooms without sacrificing style when your beautiful fur baby walks through the door?

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile


Just because you’re living with a pet or pets in the house, doesn’t mean you lose your passion for living beautifully. I know I didn’t. Unfortunately, most of the home decor products I found had drab colors, silly patterns and possibly the biggest problem weren’t functional at all.

The trend for home decor pieces for pets focused on perfecting a dog’s house, instead of the house he or she is actually living in. I wanted beautiful furnishings for the both of us; stylish enough for me and functional enough for him. So, I took matters into my own hands.

Fursatile Step Ottoman    Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile Step Ottoman

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile Step Ottoman    Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile Step Ottoman

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile MATCH Mini Pet Bowl    Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile MATCH Mini Pet Bowl

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile Protective Cover    Photo Courtesy of Fursatile

Fursatile Protective Cover

Photo Courtesy of Fursatile


We needed products that were versatile, so I made products that are Fursatile! We started because we believe you can have it all. A luxurious home with stylish, functional and pet-friendly decor.

Fursatile was created to enhance and elevate the connection between people and pets and these products do just that. From our gorgeous luxury pet stairs, the Fursatile Step Ottoman, to our seamless and sleek Fursatile Protective cover, you will live with pets beautifully!

We have much more home decor and furnishings to offer! To check them out and learn more about Fursatile visit our website and we would love to connect on social @fursatile!

5 Key Features in the Scandinavian Approach to Design

Guest Post By: Rini Hapsoro


Scandinavian Design

Contemporary Interiors

With the mania for hygge these past few years, chances are you have heard about Scandinavian design; an aesthetic movement widely known for its minimalist and functional values. The designers behind the movement; Alvar Alto, Borge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Maija Isola–just to name a few–placed a huge impact on design and style in the 1950s and has since influenced contemporary interiors across the world. So naturally, we should ask ourselves; what is the philosophy all about?

To start off, Scandinavia does not only refer to one place––it’s several. The term traditionally refers to three northern European countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which in recent times have been expanded in common usage to include Finland and Iceland (Nordic region nations). Though there are obviously few prominent historical and cultural differences, they are united under the umbrella of interior décor that is influenced by the region’s dark, cold and short days in winters.

The main principle of Scandinavian/Nordic design is to improve our daily life by using natural materials, minimalist shapes and pale colors as to maximize on what little sunlight the northern region does receive. While it has been most widely recognized in furniture, the philosophy can in fact be applied to any item that complements our daily lives; and as such has tremendously inspired our values and product aesthetics here at Jajamän!

In essence, there are five principles that Scandinavian design abides by…

contemporary interiors

1. Functionality

The design is intended to be first and foremost useful. The harsh weathers of northern Europe have pushed Scandinavians to develop a strong practical approach that optimizes limited resources while bringing a concrete solution. Functionality is therefore critical to the composition, which has similarly informed the design of our bags that ensures their practicality for daily use.

Scandinavian Design

2. Nature-Inspired

Scandinavian design is deeply rooted in nature and inspired by their landscape of mountains, forests as well as natural resources originating across the region. The colour palette associated with Scandinavian designs, such as birch wood, teak, soft pastels and bright metallic shades reflect the region’s nature in its striking beauty. Likewise, the different shades of our Tottakai backpacks are inspired by the Nordic region’s natural elements; for example foss (Norwegian: waterfall), tuohi (Finnish: birch) and terva (Finnish: tar).


3. Good Design

Scandinavians believe that good design is vital to their quality of life. Clean lines, simple designs come off as inviting and elegant, as well as intimate. The idea is to be effective without the heavy use of elements. In line with minimalism, our Tottakai bags are uncomplicated and made by hand in Portugal, with cork leather as the material of choice. Material sourcing with a focus on quality and environmental impact is crucial in this aspect, with a simple formula: only what is needed is used.

tottakai bags

4. Reliability

This is hand in hand with the idea of being functional. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Scandinavian design stresses on creating well-crafted objects that guarantee longevity. Using cork leather, which in fact works as the perfect alternative to animal leather, allows us to create ecological bags that also carry amazing properties, such as being tear-resistant, anti-fungal, waterproof and hypoallergenic! Aesthetic-wise, the bag may not be made extravagant, but it should be well crafted as to last a long time.

Scandinavian Design

5. Inclusivity

Another interesting virtue of Scandinavian design is the ideological stance it holds, with the emergence of the Scandinavian democratic and egalitarian spirit after World War II. The idea is that beautiful and functional products should be made accessible to everyone, and not merely reserved for the wealthy. Based on this principle, we firmly believe that producing good quality materials that are timeless and durable will not only reduce our environmental impact, but also encourage us to cut back on consumerism in terms of spending energy and money.


Essentially, at the heart of Scandinavian design lies functionality and craftsmanship that incorporates natural and simple elements, without eliminating its beauty. It is as much about a philosophy, as it is about a look. So check out our Tottakaj backpacks collection to see how they agree with the Scandinavian approach to design and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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How to Make Your Home More Green


green home

Going Green

Going green is a concept that has continued to build up steam over the past decade. 

This critical concept is based on living an ecologically friendly lifestyle. While this concept is loosely thrown around, there are not a lot of people that understand what this going green entails. There are a variety of adjustments that can be made in the home to make it more energy efficient. Here we will show you some of the primary ways to make your home greener.


Smart Meter

Smart meters are devices that monitor the energy used in the home. They operate in the same manner as traditional energy meters, except they collect the data and instantly share the information gathered with the energy providers in real time. There are also software programs that the homeowner can use to monitor energy usage in real time.

Smart Outlets and Plugs

The term internet of things (IoT) is used to describe a new era of gadget, appliances, and fixtures that can be used interactively using wireless technology (wi-fi and Bluetooth). These devices can be monitored and controlled using smartphones, tablets, and computers.  

Among these smart devices are smart plugs and smart outlets. These devices are used to control any appliance that is plugged into them. Using a smartphone, the user can monitor the energy use and also turn anything connected into it on or off at will.

green windows

Low Emission Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are made from a particular type of glass that is designed to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes into your home. This is accomplished by the use of a film that is thinner than a follicle of human hair. This coating keeps the temperature in the home consistent by reflecting interior heat back outside the house.

solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels are probably the most popular eco-friendly home conversion that can be made. Solar panels collect the light from the sun and convert it to electricity that can be used to power the home. California is the first state to create definitive laws surrounding alternative energy use in 2006, leading the way for the nation in this regard. In fact, it is not uncommon to see Los Angeles real estate that is built with solar panels as part of the original design.

wind turbine

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines work to supply electricity to the home in the same fashion that solar panels do, except turbines use the wind to accomplish this task. When the wind blows the fan-like propellers of the wind turbine, it powers an internal generator that converts the movement into actual electricity that can be used to power the home.

green home

Eco-Friendly Home

If you want to make your home eco-friendlier, these tips will give you a head start. There are a vast number of things that can be done to make your home greener. This includes, but is not limited to, energy efficient appliances and ecologically friendly building materials. There are advancements in this field being made all of the time.

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Reset With Luxurious Hypoallergenic Sheets


best sheets
best sheets


If you suffer from allergies, GhostBed Luxury Sheets may be the perfect fit for you. The fitted sheet and pillow case set is made with revolutionary Supima Cotton and Tencel Fiber.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding hypoallergenic products, and for good reason. Tencel Fiber is made from eucalyptus that is bacteria and allergen resistant. It regulates temperature and is silky smooth. The gist on Supima Cotton? It’s plush, durable stays comfortable after washing your sheets.

Since I’ve been using GhostBed’s Luxury Sheets, I’ve noticed my allergies have improved but that isn’t the only super feature this set has to offer.


Get A Grip

These premium fitted sheets have an extra-wide elastic band called GhostGrip and it will make your day putting them on your bed! If you toss and turn, no worries because the cool sheets with stay on securely. Don’t believe it? GhostBed offers an industry leading three year warranty plus free shipping.

ghost bed sheets

Ultimate Comfort at Zero Gravity

While I’ve only tried the GhostBed Luxury Fitted Sheets, I already have my sleepy eyes on GhostBed’s Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Base. What’s a bed with Zero Gravity? According to GhostBed, it all started when NASA created the Zero Gravity seating position to alleviate the compression forces of pressure on the spine and body of astronauts during space shuttle take-offs. Bed manufacturers realized the benefits that Zero Gravity would have when incorporating the position into an adjustable bed base.

They say the position relieves the pressures of gravity from the body by distributing the body’s weight evenly to permit for the right amount of needed support and that GhostBed’s Zero Gravity Adjustable Base allows for the legs and head to be raised at just the right angle to reduce back pressure and increase circulation.

Talk about ultimate comfort, awesome health benefits and resetting your well-being with a luxury sleep station.

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The 3 Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2019


millennial pink


There’s nothing like AOK shade of millennial pink. Just recently, Mandy Moore’s millennial pink plates broke the internet as people swooned over her chic set, like the one below.

It’s not just this gorgeous hue that’s been dominating interior spaces worldwide though, it’s the whole pastel family. Whether it’s lilac paint, mint green walls or a lush velvet pastel sofa, the colors all merge so well together. So, mix and match and go a little wild because it’s 2019 and #WHYNOT?


Nordic Noir is the next big Scandinavian trend showing up everywhere in home decor and challenging the beautiful, light and airy Scandinavian minimalistic trend we’ve all come to know. Nordic Noir uses dark colors and edgy materials paired with traditional minimalism to balance out the intense design.

 If you want to try to add this trend in your home but concerned it would darken the space too much, use colors like gray with a rose gold metal decor piece, a ton of natural light and as always, lots of plants. 


For years we’ve seen all-white kitchens dominate the scene. It’s a trend that has made sense because it’s seamless and flows with your home design easily. But, who says matte dark stone countertops with dark toned cabinets can’t also be seamless and flow with your home design?

This 2019 kitchen trend isn’t brand new but instead of a shiny finish we’re seeing a matte, leathered finish on dark countertops which is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a modern but classic look with a lot more edge than the all-white everything kitchens we’ve come to know. Pair the countertops with dark toned cabinets to complete the look and guarantee an interior design statement. 


Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Shiny with This Cleaner


Stainless Steel Kitchen


Stainless Steel appliances have dominated the market for a while and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. My guess is you have a couple, if not all, stainless steel appliances in your home or apartment rn. We all know the struggle of those smudges though. It’s important to use the right type of cleaner to keep your stainless steel looking sleek and striking without damaging it. Too expensive to not keep it looking fresh right? Try this quick solution.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Stainless Steel Cleaner


TriNova’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish will take care of those smudges. The spray comes with a microfiber cloth that gets grease, dirt, grime and even repels fingerprints and dust. Check, check, check!

It’s super easy to use too. Shake the bottle, spray the cleaner on this soft cloth, wipe away your smudges and gunk, then use the dry side of the cloth to finish for a sleek shine.

TriNova’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is highly-ranked and has top reviews anywhere you look on the web. Your fridge, microwave, oven and other stainless steel appliances have met their match. Ready to try TriNova?

Stainless Steel Cleaner


You can pick up TriNova’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish on all of our faves, #Amazon. Here’s the link

Let me know in the comments what you think and any other tips or tricks y’all have on your stainless steel appliances!


Make Your Bedroom Super Lush with This Eco-Friendly Set

Luxury Bedroom Decor

Luxury Meets Comfort

Get ready for the most satisfying sleep. Linenly’s 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set is hands-down the most comfortable, ultra-smooth and cool set of sheets I have ever experienced. The silky smooth finish comes in gorgeous colors for any bedroom.

Linenly Sheets

Dream In Violet Pink

Linenly Sheets

These sheets come in ten rich colors. TBH, I was originally trying to keep these low key with white but the universe wasn’t having it and they were out. Then my dreams came true. I chose Violet Pink and as someone who never thought they’d fall in love with any shade of purple, I could not have made a better decision. This shade seems to go effortlessly with any decor almost like black and white does.

Eco-Friendly Is Winning

Linenly’s 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set is made with 100% biodegradable textile material. What I love about these sheets is that they are so great for the environment and it’s almost like you feel the earth thanking you every night you sleep on them because they feel so wonderful. This pure organic bamboo fabric is free of harmful chemicals, antibacterial and naturally hypoallergenic.

Linenly Sheets

Rest Up

O had a long week. Literally a dog named after a Game of Throne’s dragon bit his ear while we were on a walk. I’m happy to report we went to the vet and O is going to be just fine. O was able to recover while he was sleeping on a cloud. It’s almost surprising how comfortable and luxurious these sheets are that if you are having trouble sleeping, little adjustments like changing your sheets will help you sleep like a Queen. Or at least like O.

Get The Lush Set

You can pick up a luxurious set of Linely sheets here.

Give Linenly a follow on Instagram for a cute home decor feed too.